Creating Fashionable Earrings From Cheap Clay Casino Chips

For just about any glance around in our casinos around the world, you will find that women are actually towards the gambling scene. It is not unusual that you need to uncover women putting on unique and trendy accessories for example charm bracelets, jackets, additionally to necklaces that have an e-casino theme. Knowing a woman that actually enjoys involved in casino games, for example poker, blackjack, along with other games, you’ll love the concept I’ll based in the following information. Here, I’ll educate you the way to produce fashionable earrings from Cheap Clay Casino Chips! You just need to a few Clay Casino Chips, some Poker Accessories, along with a little creativeness using this project!

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Materials Needed:

o Numerous Cheap Clay Casino Chips, no under two for a lot of earrings

o Decorative earring hooks

o Craft drill, or maybe a typical drill that implements utilizing a percentage

o Two categories of dice that are outfitted for jewellery pieces for every quantity of earrings


  1. The first factor that you will have to complete to create a fashionable quantity of earrings produced from Clay Casino Chips should be to gather chips which are appealing to the eye. With regards to this excellent project, it’s suggested that you simply find Clay Casino Casino Chips which have a design that integrates images of dice within it. Naturally, you might decide any design. However, using this model, the dice picture is likely to trigger the design of the earrings.
  1. After you have two Cheap Clay Casino Chips, you are prepared to escape the drill that you’re opting to do the job. First, you’ll have to drill somewhat hole presents itself the All Clay Casino Chips. Then, you’ll have to drill a dent or dimple within the finish within the Poker Nick.

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  1. Next, you’ll have to make dice jewellery pieces and slide these with the bottom hole across the Poker Nick. Generally, you will observe a clasping device you can close-up within the hole the piece adopts. It will help to carry the jewellery dice in position. To make sure comfort, it is essential that the dice pieces for your earrings are miniatures. Its also wise to acquire some dice that have similar colors because the actual Cheap Clay Casino Chips that you’re using to produce the trendy earrings.
  1. When the bottom piece is connected to the Poker Nick, simply attach the ornamental earring hooks in the pinnacle hole. You’ll frequently choose a small metal piece or maybe a little bead which will clasp lower firmly on the top within the nick to carry the hook in position. Ensure to lock lower this piece and so the earrings will remain effectively.
  1. After you have produced the earring, you are able to give you the jewellery just like a present, and also have them on your own!

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